Cost of Illiteracy
Invest in our Students!

We are now using a new evaluation tool for all our students, ESL, Basic Literacy, GED, and even citizenship. CASAS is an on-line testing instrument that provides consistent, accurate results that meet NRS standards for the state and help us guide our instruction to meet the specific strengths of our students...AND IT'S CHEAP! It is less than 1/2 the cost of the TABE and is more accurate, better focused toward preparedness for life.

Our new pre-GED program will also be taught with a blended approach. The basic materials will be accessed through a website on the student's phone, tablet or computer. The student will be responsible to study the assigned material before meeting with their tutor to reinforce the lesson and direct the student to the next assignment!

Expecting more rapid results from our students!

Transparent Language, our  tool for language acquisition, has been updated and improved! We will no longer use a traditional text as our central learning tool. We will be able to work on lessons from the Transparent website, using a new offering called New Bridges. Our students can now speak the English words and phrases on their phones, tablets, or computers and the program will evaluate their pronunciation. Now they will be able to study the lessons online and then do the worksheets in class. They can repeat  the lesson as often as they want. Then when we meet, we will build on what they studied. Looking forward to big gains by our ELLs!

With both our basic programs, ELL and Pre-GED, using a blended approach, we will be providing our students with much more access to learning materials they cannot lose [unless they lose their cellphones].

Our next board meeting will be 12:00 p.m., September 16th. We going over plans for the new program year and proposed budget.

We will be conducting a meet and greet for those interested in becoming part of our board. Board members need only plan on 2 - 3 hours a month and 1 of those is the board meeting!

If you want to help the Artesia Literacy Council, but don't have the time to be a tutor, this is a great way to be of service!
You might be the missing piece!

C'mon! it's fun!
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