Cost of Illiteracy
Invest in our Students!

The biggest cost not covered by specific grants to the ALC is books and materials. While we are working to develop cost-effective alternatives, we still spend $50 - $80 providing the books necessary to a  student over the course of a program year.

A donation of any size would help every student gets the materials they need.

We are NOT funded by the state or federal government. We do receive grants from the NMCL, various foundations, corporations, and from local folks like you. We have to apply for these grants on a regular basis. We have no guarantee we will receive anything. There are often several months of the year when we do not receive any grant monies because of the application and approval process. 

We are striving to become more and more a community-sponsored organization. We are looking for Artesians who would agree to make a regular monthly donation. Won't you be a part of providing literacy to the citizens of Artesia?

  Artesia Literacy Council
           P. O. Box 254
      Artesia, NM 88211

For additional information:
                   (575) 748-9740