Cost of Illiteracy
Invest in our Students!

Studies show the difference in salary between a person without a GED or high school diploma and one with is $8,000 per year.

The difference between a non-English speaker and an English speaker is $6,500 per year.

Let's do them and Artesia a favor and give them this needed education.

Basic Literacy is being able to read the words on a page and to write one's name. Functional Illiteracy expands the definition of illiteracy to include those who have basic literacy, but cannot use [or function] with the information they can read. This is especially important with prescriptions or the use of toxic chemicals. You probably know Functional Illiterates.

Improved literacy would open higher paying jobs to our participants and improve our tax base. The whole town benefits when an individual improves literacy skills - whether learning English, learning to read, or building literacy skills!

People who read stay mentally healthy longer than those who don't.

Get after it, those books aren't going to read themselves!