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We Need Help Addressing Functional Illiteracy in Eddy County, NM

Did you know that verbal skills in the United States are declining? According to the Modern Language Association, reading proficiency has dropped from 20 to 25 percent among 12th graders. Artesia Literacy Council recognizes this issue and has created several programs for our local communities in Eddy County, NM. Through basic literacy courses, ESL lessons, and pre-GED programs, our tutoring center is committed to helping others take a step in the right direction.

Defining Functional Illiteracy

We all know complete illiteracy means a person cannot read or write at all. A functional illiterate may have basic reading, writing, and numerical skills, but is unable to use these skills effectively.  They have trouble with everyday tasks such as filling out a job application, reading a bank statement, or communicating in the workplace. In other words, the functional illiterate can read road signs, but cannot read a memo from the boss. The functional illiterate may be able to write his or her name but be unable to complete a job application. 

By improving literacy, we’re helping community members take steps toward being more active members of society. 

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The True Cost of Illiteracy

Artesia Literacy Council strives to be a trusted tutoring center in the community. We understand the importance of improving literacy rates. In fact, studies show the difference in salary between a person without a GED/high school diploma and one with is $8,000 per year. The difference between a non-English speaker and an English speaker is $6,500 per year. We want to help our students succeed! When you support our tutoring center, you’re supporting a better community.

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How We Address Functional Illiteracy

In our adaptive learning environment, we work with our students individually to ensure they understand each concept before moving to the next. This learn-at-your-own pace style is crucial for students from all walks of life. In traditional schools, students are expected to learn from strict curriculums, with no room for repetition. Because of this, some learners do not fully comprehend the material. At our tutoring center, our one-on-one approach gives students the opportunity to speed up, slow down, and ask as many questions as they need to. 

Will You Help Us?

Artesia Literacy Council is grateful for the individuals and organizations that continue to support us and our mission. Call us today to learn how you can help us address functional illiteracy.